April 2, 7pm-8:45pm

What is happiness? Can it be measured? And what is the relationship between happiness and virtue, money, pleasure, relationships, mindfulness, and satisfaction? This program with William Edelglass will begin with an overview of different conceptions of happiness in Western philosophy, religion, and political theory. We will then turn to the numerous claims about what makes us happy based on the results of “the new science of happiness.” We will conclude by reflecting on the findings of positive psychology in the context of the history of the idea of happiness.

Please note: this talk will be held via Zoom on Thursday, April 2 at 7:00 pm, and is limited to 15 participants. We will email you the login instructions after you have been confirmed. You need to have a broadband internet connection in order to take part.


Suggested Age Group: 14+

April 2, 2020 - 7:00pm - 8:45pm

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