Activate Your Inner Scientist! 

Borrow a Community Science Kit and conduct valuable research for our community.

You don’t have to be an expert to be part of scientific research! Learn to observe and report on animals and plants you see, hear, or photograph. Discover research projects that fit your interests, and see how your data can be used to benefit ongoing scientific research, including the effects of climate change. Pick one up from the Main Library or New North End Branch and start exploring!

The Fletcher Free Library loans five Community Science Kits that allow for exploration of different topics. 


Record the birds you see, explore dynamic maps, and share your sightings with the Vermont eBird community.

Kit Contains: Binoculars Birds of Vermont & New Hampshire Field Guide Notebook Colored Pencils

 VT Lady Beetle Atlas

Contribute to a database of current Lady Beetle species in Vermont to help restore Lady Beetle diversity.

Kit Contains: Insect Magnifier National Audubon Society Field Guide to Insects and Spiders Notebook, Ruler, Clipboard, Colored Pencils


Help conservation efforts by providing the number, date, and location of butterflies you observe outside.

Kit Contains: Insect Magnifier Butterflies & Moths Handbook Notebook, Ruler, Clipboard Colored Pencils

 Great Sunflower Project

Plant a sunflower and count the pollinators around your yard or favorite green spaces.

Kit Contains: Wildflower Seeds Phone Camera Lens Field Guide to Wildflowers Guide to North America's Bees Notebook, Clipboard, Pencils

 Got Bats?

Count and monitor bat colonies to help Vermont's threatened and endangered species.

Kit Contains: Bats of Eastern North America: A Comprehensive Guide to All Species Notebook Clipboard


The Library will be closed on Friday, August 16 for Bennington Battle Day.