The Friends of the Fletcher Free Library is a 501c3 volunteer organization that supports the mission and the work of the Library.  The Friends Board welcomes the public at its monthly meetings, and meets regularly in the Pickering Room on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 PM. Please contact the Friends at to confirm the meeting date if you are interested in attending.


The mission of the Friends is to encourage community support for the Fletcher Free Library, raise money for its needs, promote cultural and literacy programs, and sponsor educational and enrichment programs for all ages.

Supporting the Library

The Friends’ Board annually allocates resources to the Library for investment at the discretion of the Library Director. This procedure helps the library plan programming, professional development, and special projects. The allocation is determined annually by the Board.  The relationship between the City of Burlington and the Friends is defined in a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF).  The Friends organization operates under a set of Bylaws (PDF).


Member 2018 Role
Jonathan Chapple-Sokol President
Amanda Hannaford Vice President
Robin Twery Secretary
Ann Warrington Treasurer
Joan Conroy Member At Large
Franny Seguin Member At Large
Hilary Silver Member At Large
Mark Twery Member At Large


In 1973, a movement developed to replace the old Carnegie Library Building with a new library. "The Citizens to Save the Fletcher Free Library Building" were determined to preserve it the building. They were successful.  The Carnegie building was saved and became the Children’s Library. A new wing was built to house the adult collection.

In 1977, the "Citizens" evolved into the "Friends of the Fletcher Free Library”, and continued to support the library as needed.  The Friends were less active in the 1980’s, but rallied whenever a library cause emerged.  The Friends successfully advocated for a ½ cent dedicated tax for collection development, providing the library with an annual book budget. In 2001, the Friends became active again and gained non-profit status (501c3).

Volunteer Today!

The Friends welcomes volunteers. Volunteer by completing the volunteer form.

One of the many ways in which the Friends support the Library's mission is to process book donations-- determining if the items are appropriate for the Library's collection, for sale via eBay, or as offerings at the popular Book Sales the Friends organize several times a year. Do you want to learn more about volunteering with the Friends?
Please contact the

Book Donation Guidelines

We appreciate donations of books, CDs and DVDs in good condition, with the exception of the following materials:

  • Textbooks or Magazines
  • Encyclopedias or Dictionaries
  • Multi-volume sets (such as National Geographic or Time-Life)
  • Outdated Business or Computer books (over 10 years old)
  • Romance paperbacks
  • Abridged books (Reader's Digest, etc.)
  • Audio Cassettes or VHS Tapes
  • Moldy, musty or smoky books
  • Books with underlining or highlighting
  • Books with torn pages, covers or bindings

If your books don't meet our guidelines, try Goodwill or Resource before discarding.

If you wish that your donated books be added to the Library's collection, please inform us before donating. Please see our Collection Development Policy for more information. 

Do you want to learn more about book donations OR you want to donate more than twenty books? Please contact the

Annual Reports

2018-2019 Annual Report (PDF)
2017 Annual Report (PDF)
2016 Annual Report (PDF)
2015 Annual Report (PDF)