Summer 2024 News & Events

July Book Recommendations from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX July 2024

Melissa Jacoby on Unjust Debts at the Fletcher Free Library: The New Press July 2024

Bus shelter in front of Fletcher Free Library to be removed over concerns about drug use: Burlington Free Press June 2024

Summer Reading Picks from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX June 2024

'All of Us' Research Program Collecting DNA Samples at Fletcher Free Library: June 2024

Libraries Help Kids Read 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Spring 2024 News & Events

Fletcher Free Library Requests More Help to Better Served Homeless Patrons: WCAX May 2024

National Institutes of Health All of Us Mobile Research Program Visits Burlington, VT: Morningstar May 2024
Summer reading picks from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX May 2024

Aggressive Behavior, Increased Drug Use at Burlington's Downtown Library Prompt Calls for Help : 7Days May 2024

Fletcher Free Library Hosting Climate Fresk Workshop: WCAX April 2024

FFL Upgrades Equipment with Vermont Arts Council Grant: Vermont Biz April 2024

When libraries fill the Social Services Gap: Williston Observer, April 2024

'The Planetarium Lady' Makes Astronomy an Indoor Activity: NBC 5 April 2024

Spring picks from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX March 2024

Winter 2023/24 News & Events

January Reading Picks from Fletcher Free Library: WCAX January 2024

Fletcher Free Library Celebrates New Year's with Special Guest: WCAX December 2023

Free Christmas Meals Handed Out At Fletcher Free Library: WPTZ December 2023

Fletcher Free Library Open for Christmas: December 2023

Vermont librarians are providing more social services than ever. And they need help: Vermont Public December 2023

December Reading Picks from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX December 2023

Fall 2023 News & Events

Burlington Library Opens on Thanksgiving, Hands Out Free Meals: WCAX November 2023

Non-Fiction Comic Festival Teaches Comic Books Are More Than Cartoons: WCAX November 2023

Burlington's Fletcher Free Library Will Open Thanksgiving and Serve Free Meals: 7Days November 2023

Non-Fiction Comics Festival Illustrates Graphic Novels' Versatility: 7Days November 2023

Fletcher Free Library Hosts 'Books for Children' Gift Campaign

Thanksgiving at the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX November 2023

Holiday Reading Recommendations from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX November 2023

Fletcher Free Library to Host Non-Fiction Comics Festival in Burlington: NBC 5 November 2023

Fletcher Free Library Open on Thanksgiving: November 2023

Good reads for stick season: WCAX October 2023

Free Technology Classes: WCAX October 2023

Reading recommendations: Banned Books Week and a Vt. book festival: WCAX September 2023

Summer 2023 News & Events

Touring Downtown Burlington Offers Rich Bounty of Murals: Burlington Free Press 2023

Need Something to Read? August Recommendations from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX 2023 

How Sensory-friendly Programs Help Vermont Families & Businesses

Fletcher Free Library to Celebrate Sesquicentenial: WCAX July 2023

But Why Live!: Vermont Public June 2023

Fletcher Free Library Begins Summer Reading Challenge: WCAX June 2023

Fletcher Free Library's Summer Reading Picks for Kids: WCAX June 2023

Meet the Burlingtonians ages 10 & up writing poems about 'poison rain': WCAX May 2023

Spring 2023 News & Events

Summer Reading Picks for Young Readers: WCAX May 2023

Fletcher Free Library's April Picks: WCAX April, 2023

Local Child Completes 1000 Books Reading Challenge: Milton Independent April, 2023

Raphaella Brice: The Artist Behind the Fletcher Free Library Black Madonna Mural

Spring Picks from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX March 2023

Winter 2022/23 News & Events

New Fletcher Free Library Book Picks for Your Reading List: WCAX February 2023

Ukrainian Art On Display at the Fletcher Free Library: MyChamplainValley February 2023

Library Hosts Children's Art From Ukraine, Georgia,and Moldova: VT Digger February 2023

Historic Preservation Grants Help to Keep History within Vermont Communities: VT Digger February 2023

Over $300,000 in Grants Awarded to Rehabilitate Vermont Landmarks & Historic Buildings: State of Vermont January 2023

Good Reads for Cold Winter Days: WCAX January 2023

Fletcher Free Library to Host Vaccine Clinics: VT Digger January 2023

St. Joseph's Orphanage Memorial to Honor Former Residents: WCAX January 2023

 Exhibit Shares Stories of Abuse at St. Joseph's Orphanage: January 2023

FFL to Host Voices of St. Joseph's Exhibit: VT Digger January 2023

Burlington Celebrates New Year's Eve Across the City: NBC5 January 2023

Libraries Now Offering Much More Than Just Good Books: WCAX December 2022

Cookbook Tips from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX December 2022

Holiday Children's Reading Picks from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX November 2022

Library Holds Annual Books for Children Gift Campaign: VT Digger November 2022

Fall 2022 News & Events

Mary Danko & Molly Kennedy: Let's Look Ahead with Federal Library Funding Now: VT Digger October 2022

Have a Goulishly Good Time with Family Friendly Halloween Events in Vermont: Burlington Free Press October 2022

First Ever Non-Fiction Comic Festival in Burlington: WCAX October 2022

The First Ever Non-Fiction Comic Festival Debuts in Burlington: 7Days October 2022

Mary Danko & Molly Kennedy: Let's Look Ahead with Library Federal Funding Now: VT Digger October 2022

Library Celebrates New North End Branch Reopening:VT Digger October 2022

Fletcher Free Library Hosts the Green Mountain Book Festival: VT Digger September 2022

Green Mountain Book Festival  Opens Friday: WCAX September 2022

Green Mountain Book Festival Spot: Morning Edition September 2022

The Inaugural Green Mountain Book Festival Kicks Off This Weekend : 7Days September 2022

Green Mountain Book Festival Launches Plans for Annual Event in Burlington: VT Digger September 2022

Summer 2022 News & Events

Free Ice Cream at Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic: WCAX August 2022

Fletcher Free Library Hosts Free Vaccine Clinic on Tuesday: Vermont Business August 2022

Walk-in Vaccine Clinic at Fletcher Free Library: VT Digger August 2022

More Than Just Books: Why Babies and Toddlers Love Libraries-And You Should Too!: 7Days August 2022

Library to Host Author Saloma Miller Furlong: VT Digger August 2022

New Reading Recommendations and Info on Green Mountain Book Festival: WCAX August 2022

Fletcher Free Library Offers Free Summer Programs: VT Digger July 2022

Fletcher Free  Library Hosts Vaccine Clinic: VT Digger July 2022

Looking for Summer Reading Suggestions? Top Picks from Librarians: WCAX June 2022

Burlington Library Offers Free Walk-In Vaccine Clinic: VT Digger June 2022

Spring 2022 News & Events

Fletcher Free Library Shares New Book Picks: WCAX May 2022

Need a New Book? Top Picks from Librarians: WCAX April 2022

As New Holocaust Exhibit Opens in Burlington, the War in Ukraine Looms Large: Seven Days  March 2022

Memoir Recommendations from the Fletcher Free Library: WCAX  March 2022

Fletcher Free Library Unveils Holocaust Exhibit: March 2022

Holocaust Exhibit Opens at Burlington Library: WCAX March 2022

Holocaust Exhibit Coming to Burlington as a Tribute and Warning: Burlington Free Press March 2022

Fletcher Free Library Exhibits The Courage to Remember: VT Digger March 2022

Winter 2021-2022 News & Events

The Magnificent 7: Must See, Must Do February 9-15: 7 Days February 2022

Fletcher Free Library Hosts Black History Month Events: WCAX February 2022

Here's How Vermont Is Celebrating Black History Month: Burlington Free Press February 2022

Fletcher Free Library Celebrates Black History Month: VT Digger February 2022

Burlington Library Opens New Location in City's New North End: WCAX December 2021

Fletcher Free Library Pilots New North End Branch: VT Digger December 2021

Burlington Library to Open Pilot Branch in New North End: NBC December 2021

Burlington Library to Open Pilot Branch in North End of City: US News December 2021

Burlington's Fletcher Free Library Opens a New Branch: Burlington Free Press December 2021

Fall 2021 News & Events

Burlington Library Welcomes Visitors on Thanksgiving: WCAX November 2021

Fletcher Free Library Expands to Burlington's New North End: WCAX November 2021

Libraries Lead the Way-Again: Our Towns November 2021

Understanding the Social Wellbeing Impacts of the Nation's Libraries and Museums: Institute of Museum and Library Services November 2021

Fletcher Free Library Opens Undocumented Migration Exhibit: Vermont Cynic October 2021

Hostile Terrain 94 Exhibit Comes to Burlington: VT Digger October 2021

Summer 2021 News & Events

Heat & Humidity Are Expected to Linger Through Friday: VT Digger August 2021

Where to Find Cooling Sites in Burlington This Week: Burlington Free Press August 2021

Library Brings Free Summer Fun & Programs: VT Digger July 2021

Local Libraries Have Lake Champlain Science Kits for Loan: The Sun June 2021

Spring 2021 News & Events

FFL Launches Digital Provide Project : VT Digger April 2021

Laptops and Wi-Fi Hotspots Available for Checkout at Burlington Library: Burlington Free Press April 2021

This Place in History: Fletcher Free Library: Channel 22/44 April 2021

Library Launches Community Science Program: VT Digger April 2021

Celebrating National Poetry Month at Fletcher Free Library: Channel 22/44 April 2021

Fletcher Free Library Sees Increase in Interest in Books on Race: WCAX March 2021

Winter 2020-2021 News & Events

Library Book Late? Overdue Fees Are Going Away at Many Libraries Amid COVID-19 Crisis: USA Today February 2021

Black VT Libraries List Books Featuring Black Authors and Characters for Black History Month: Burlington Free Press February 2021

Fine-ally-Fletcher Free Library in Burlington Eliminates Penalty for Overdue Books: Burlington Free Press January 2021

The Community Reacts to Burlington Public Library Ending Late Fees: NBC5 January 2021

Burlington Public Library Removes Overdue Fines: Houston Chronicle January 2021

Fletcher Free Library Removes Fines: WCAX January 2021

Fletcher Free Library Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day: VT Digger January 2021

Fletcher Free Library Hosts Guinness-Breaking Sticker Ball: WCAX January 2021

Wacky Winter Fun in January 2021 

Fletcher Free Library Displays World's Largest Ball of Stickers: December 2020

Fletcher Free Library Has a Scavenger Hunt to Put a Little Fun into Your Winter: Burlington Free Press December 2020

Fletcher Free Library Seeks Donations for Books for Children Gift Campaign: WCAX November 2020

Fletcher Free Library Hosting 30th Annual Books for Children Gift Campaign: November 2020

Fall 2020 News & Events

Fletcher Free Library Banned Books Reading: COVID-19 Archive October 2020

Libraries Want You to Read Banned Books, FFL Has Wednesday Readings: Burlington Free Press October 2020

Banned Books Week Community Reading at FFL: VTDigger September 2020

StoryWalk Comes to Leddy Park: Seven Days September 2020

Fletcher Free Library Posts StoryWalk at Leddy Park: September 2020

Read While Enjoying Vermont's Natural Beauty: September 2020

Fletcher Free Library launches StoryWalk: VT Digger September 2020

New StoryWalk at Burlington's Leddy Park: WCAX September 2020

New Vermont 'StoryWalk' Promotes Reading and Spending Time Outdoors: NECN September 2020

Summer 2020 News & Events

Fletcher Free Library Summer Series: Introducing Leddy Park StoryWalk "Pie Is for Sharing": Town Meeting TV August 2020

Vermont City a "Haven of Good Nature" Shows Care for Those in Quarantine: NECN August 2020

Libraries Across Vermont Continue to Serve Despite Pandemic: VT Digger August 2020

Fletcher Free Library Celebrates Summer: VT Digger August 2020

 Libraries Around Chittenden County Begin to Reopen: Burlington Free Press July 2020

Spring 2020 News & Events

Libraries Sort Out New Steps: Seven Days May 2020

FFL Offering Curbside Book Pickup Special: WCAX May 2020

FFL Reopens Special OPS: VT Digger May 2020

Burlington Kids Get Toys and Books Along with Lunch: VPR May 2020

Burlington School Food Project Adds Frozen Meals to the Menu: WCAX April 2020

BSD and Fletcher Free Library Team Up to Offer Free Books to Children: Burlington School District April 2020

Burlington Schools and Fletcher Free Library Offer Free Books to Children: VT Digger April 2020

Food and Book Pickup Sites Available in Burlington: WCAX April 2020

Library Launches Community Challenges: VT Digger April 2020

FFL Adds Services: VT Digger April 2020

FFL Suspends OPS and Book Drop: VT Digger March 2020

Libraries Offer Curbside Access for Stay-At-Home Readers: Burlington Free Press March 2020

FFL Announces Special OPS: VT Digger March 2020

VT Libraries Expand Online Services, Arrange Curbside Pickup: VT Digger March 2020

FFL to Close 3-18 to 4-6-20: VT Digger March 2020

Winter 2019-2020 News & Events

FFL Museum Pass Expansion: VT Digger February 2020

Author Punk Rocker Shawna Potter Visits Vermont Talk about Making Spaces Safer

My Uneven First Steps in Local Year: Shareable February 2020

Public Libraries Adapt to the 21st Century and Uphold Democracy: Seven Days February 2020

FFL Hosts Harry Potter Themed Party and Events: Burlington Free Press February 2020

Milton Photographer to Show at FFL: Milton Independent February 2020

Public Libraries Expanding The Sharing Economy by Adding Libraries of Things: Shareable February 2020

Burlington Library Offers Up Program to Bring Back Overdue Books: WCAX January 2020

Feeling Guilty About Overdue Library Books? Burlington Free Press January 2020

Libraries in the News

Libraries Across Vermont to Expand Services VT Digger March 2020

Public Libraries Adapt to the 21st Century and Uphold Democracy:  Seven Days February 2020 

Fall 2019 News & Events

Party Under the Stars: VT Digger October 2019

Author of Benefits of Being an Octopus to Speak at Fletcher Free Library: VT Digger September 2019

Author Visit Ann Braden: Kids VT September 2019

Gather Round a Guide to Community Centers in Burlington: Seven Days September 2019

Poet Rajnii Eddins: VPR August 2019

Library Commission 

Appointments to the Fletcher Free Library Commission: VT Digger September 2019

Appointments Fletcher Free Library Commission: Vermont Biz September 2019

Shelburne Man Appointed Fletcher Library Commission: Shelburne News August 2019

Summer 2019 News & Events

FFL to Host Computer Workshop for Job Seekers: VT Digger August 2019

Burlington Project Helps Feed Kids When School is Out: Seven Days July 2019

Far Out: Vermont Folklife Center Launches Green Record Project: Seven Days June 2019

Rainy Day Activities: Burlington Free Press July 2019

FFL Offer Burlington Access Resources Social Services Mental Health: Burlington Free Press July 2019

FFL Pilots Community Service Desk: VT Digger July 2019

>Where to Watch FIFA Womens' World Cup Quarterfinals: Burlington Free Press June 2019

Burlington Dad Guild Helps New Fathers Connect and Learn from Each Other: Seven Days July 2019

Ready to Start Making Music: Parade June 2019

Central Vermont Art Preview Article: Rutland Herald May 2019 May 2019

Moon Rocks to Be Exhibited at Burlington Public Library: US News May 2019

Moon Rocks to be Exhibited at Burlington Public Library: WCAX May 2019

FFL to Host Moon Rocks and Meteorites: Seven Days May 2019

Far Out Vermont Folklife Center Launches Green Record Project: Seven Days June 2019

FFL Kick Off Summer Challenge Program: VT Digger May 2019

Early Literacy Outreach Program (ELOP)

FFL Early Literacy Outreach Program: CCTV June 2019

Burlington Breaks Ground on New Child Care Center: VT Digger June 2019

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten: WCAX April 2019

18 Projects Awarded Vermont Community Foundation Spark Grants: Vermont Biz June 2019

Library of Non-Traditional Things

Surprise Libraries Loan More Than Just Books: CSWD September 2019

Surprising Items You Can Borrow Burlington FFL: Burlington Free Press June 2019

Holiday Openings

While Many Places Close for Thanksgiving: AP News November 2019

What's Open Thanksgiving Burlington: Burlington Free Press November 2019

FFL to Open on Thanksgiving and Christmas: VT Digger November 2019

FFL to Stay Open on Hot Independence Day: WCAX July 2019

Cooling Centers Open to Beat the Heat: WCAX July 2019

FFL Stayed Open on the 4th as Cooling Station: My Champlain Valley July 2019

Fletcher Free Cool Spot Burlington: Vermont Biz July 2019

Burlington Area Cooling Stations Open During Weekends Heat Wave: Burlington Free Press July 2019

Beat the Heat Cooling Centers to Open this Weekend: NBC 5 July 2019

Winter/Spring 2019 News & Events

Children's Theater Performance Designed for Kids on Autism Spectrum: NBC 5 April 2019

Books Take Flight at Fletcher Free Library Vermont Biz April 2019


The Library will be closed on Friday, August 16 for Bennington Battle Day.