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FFL Adventure Activities 1 (PDF)
FFL Adventure Activities 2 (PDF)

cartoon cat giving thumbs upWe're here to help you during these challenging days 

We hope you're inspired to try one or many of our adventures. Complete 5 activities and we'll enter you in our raffle for a Phoenix Books gift card.  Share your photos or send them to us in an email: rgoldberg@burlingtonvt.gov.

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FFL Adventure Activities #2! 

May 17th is Pizza Party Day! 

Get all your friends together for a virtual party! Schedule your gathering and then get cooking! Make your own pizza dough from scratch and get the whole family involved topping their own pizzas.  Turn on some tunes, Zoom your friends and get the party started! 


Get Growing! 

May is a perfect time to start some vegetables or flowers in Burlington.  Watch our FFL Youth gardening video on YouTube to get started!  Draw/plan out your garden and make a list of seeds you need. Maybe start a grazing garden of delicious snackable like snap peas, cherry tomatoes and pole beans.     


Create a Time Capsule 

We are living through a really unique event right now.  A time capsule lets you send a message to the future.  Have a family meeting to talk about what should go in your capsule.  Find a durable container that can be buried or hidden away.  Talk about how long your want your capsule hidden and where you want to store it.  Invite everyone to add items to the capsule and include a note about your family and what is going on in Burlington and the world. 


Give Back 

Burlingtonians are do-gooders and you know it feels good to do nice things for others.  Even though we are staying home, we can still do good!  Volunteer for an extra chore, read to a sibling, write a song, poem or story to share with a neighbor or far away family member. Sing, dance or act on camera and share the video with friends.   


Invention Convention 

Inventions solve problems.   Pose a problem to the family, offer up some recyclables to build with and then alone or as teams, ask the family to plan/craft solutions.   One fun scenario might be that you were sailing on Lake Champlain and got stranded on one of the uninhabited islands.  Washed up on the beach were a bunch of interesting materials and some masking tape.  What could you make that would help you survive on the island? 


Animal Tracking 

We’re staying home but the animals aren’t!  Can you find evidence of animal activity in your neighborhood?  When you are out getting some fresh air, look for tracks, scat, holes, feathers and fur.  Listen for beasts that might be making new nests or gathering spring shoots.  Find out what animals are native to Burlington. 


Dream Playground! 

What’s your favorite Burlington play spot? You’re the designer today and the sky is the limit!  What sort of playground do you dream of?  What elements would you have?  How can you make sure the playground is accessible to everyone?  Make a model and sketch or build your playground out of  building materials you have at home.   


Be a Ninja Warrior! 

Design a home (in or out!) obstacle course to get your body moving.  Construct obstacles from what you have!  Chairs are great for crawling under and boxes perfect for jumping over.  Set the course, set your timer, and GO! 


Beautify Burlington! 

Explore shapes while being creative out on your sidewalk!  Put masking tape down on a large rectangle of sidewalk.  Imagine you are constructing stained glass and use the tape to make shapes and pictures within the frame.  Use sidewalk chalk to fill in the different shapes.  When done, carefully remove all the tape to reveal your masterpiece! 


Write your own Adventure 

Put up some paper in a busy area of the house.  Put up a story starter and ask family members to keep adding on to the story.  Consider making it a “choose your own adventure” type story by creating places in the story that can branch out with different ideas.  My story starter is, Friday the 13th was super freaky this year because... 


Dine  out – in! 

Create a restaurant for your family!  Create a name, menu, staffing needs and hours.  Invite family to make a reservation and then get their table prepared.  What can you cook/create?  Will you need some cooking help?  Who will do each job?  Be inventive and have fun! 


Photo/Video Walk  

While on family walks or outside play, bring along your phone/camera.  Make plans for a photo/video theme or just start snapping and see where that leads.  Learn to use some free editing software like imovie and make a movie with your photos and videos.  


Nature Notebook 

Find a calm place where you can enjoy nature.  Bring a notebook or sketchpad and spend some time sketching/painting something closely or writing about the beauty you find in backyard Burlington! 



Read or listen to a book for 20 minutes or more! Challenge! How many days in a row can you keep this up? Keep a tally of days or minutes!