BINGO! Complete 5 squares in a row and get this badge! This one will take longer to complete, but you're in luck! Complete this badge and get entered into the raffle FIVE TIMES!

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LIMTED BADGE: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone


Challenge yourself to read one Harry Potter book a week this summer! Get this badge by reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!

This badge will be available until Monday, July 6th. Good luck!

Participate in a book club

For the love of book clubs! Whether you've been part of a book club in the past, are currently of one, or have just always wondered what all the fuss is about, get this badge by participating in a book club or book discussion.

Read for 2 hours

Did you read today? Read a book, graphic novel/comic book, magazine, or listen to an audio book, for two hours and get this badge!

Read a book that is blue

Blue - the color of the sky, the ocean, and delicious, delicious blueberries! Find a book, eBook, or eAudiobook with blue on the cover and give it a try!

Make fan art for your favorite book

Don't be embarrased about how much you love that book; flaunt it! Draw your version of that scene, or create a new book cover for the book! Don't forget to photograph your masterpiece and add #btvbadges while you're at it!

Try out an eAudiobook

We know you love paper books. We do too! We also know you love keeping up with the latest titles, exploring new genres, and discovering your next favorite author. Grab an eAudiobook. It's like having a friend over you don't need to socially distance yourself from!

Read a Classic

From Shakespeare to The House on Mango Street, classics are where it's at! Earn this badge by reading a classic title!

Recommend a book that everyone in Burlington should read

There are so many good books out there, and we want to know your favorites! What book do you think everyone in Burlington should read? All you need to do for this challenge is to let us know what book you wish everyone in town would read.

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